David stabs Josh in Coronation Street

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Coronation Street has delivered its first ;look at an explosive week of episodes this autumn which sees David Platt’s (Jack P Shepherd) prison trauma explode into violence when he is caught up in a prison riot – and given the opportunity to take an explosive and bloody revenge on rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton).

Last seen legging it from Weatherfield after David sought a confrontation with him, Josh will end up in the same prison as David after striking again. And after some persuasion from his fellow prisoner Abe, David will arm himself with scissors and confront the man who almost destroyed his life forever.

With violence all around during the riot and the red mist descending, will David make a mistake that could cost him his entire future with his family?

Teasing the episodes, Jack P Shepherd said: ‘They say Josh needs teaching a lesson and in a riot you can get away with anything, there’ll be no witnesses and they’ll bring Josh to him. David finds himself swept up in their plan, the thought is certainly there and when he’s presented with the scissors I think he’s capable of anything.’

Ryan Clayton added: ‘Josh’s safety is at risk and he can’t play the cards he used to play anymore. But he knows he still can use control over David and he does. He is full of bravado but the second he is alone with David you really see how scared and panicked he is.’

Josh returns to Coronation Street

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He won’t win much sympathy from viewers but one thing no-one wants is David serving a life sentence due to taking revenge on Josh – can David stop himself from striking? As reports have already indicated that Josh will be stabbed, it is not looking good for David – and Shona is left fearing he won’t be home for their wedding day.

Is it all over?

Josh’s return scenes kick off on Friday 18 October while the riot airs from Monday 21 October.