abigail ross' online shopping fail

Ah, a classic tale of online shopping gone wrong (Picture: Kennedy News)

Ready for another tale of online shopping gone wrong?

Student Abigail Ross, 20, ordered a kimono sleeve midi dress from ASOS, hoping to wear it for her 21st birthday next month.

But when it arrived, the dress didn’t end up making Abigail look like the model she saw on her screen.

Instead, it left her looking ‘like one of the 12 disciples’ thanks to its oversized fit and droopy arms.

Thankfully Abigail was able to laugh the online shopping fail off, sharing a photo of herself in her semi-religious garb to her Whatsapp group of pals, who instantly compared the £110 gown to something Jesus’s apostles would wear.


The £110 dress left Abigail looking ‘like one of Jesus’s disciples’ (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Abigail, from Whitehaven, Cumbria, said: ‘One of my friends mentioned that I looked like Jesus, then I realised, because of the drapes, I actually looked like one of the 12 disciples.

‘I’d ordered a few dresses as it’s going to be my 21st in April.

‘I panic ordered that one because the others didn’t look nice and then it came and it looked like a tablecloth.

‘When I took it out of the bag, I thought maybe it was a dress that looked better on than off.

‘But when I put the dress on I thought they’d sent me the wrong size because it looked huge – it didn’t look nice at all.

‘It looked like I’d ordered it 10 sizes too big – it’s a 14 but looked like a 22.

abigail ross trying on asos dress

The student has returned the dress (Picture: Kennedy News)

‘I realised it looked awful and then when I went to show my mam we both just burst out laughing.

‘I felt ridiculous when I put it on, I thought I looked like I’d lost loads of weight and my mam said that the sleeves looked like loose skin.’

Abigail, who snapped up the dress for £77 after taking advantage of an online discount, has returned the dress and is waiting for a refund from the retailer.

Abigail said: ‘I’ve seen the funny side to it now – it’s not put me off online shopping.’

ASOS has been approached for comment.

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