29 arrests in France and Spain in a migrant smuggling case

The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) and the French National Police (Police Nationale), supported by Europol, dismantled a large poly-criminal network involved in migrant smuggling, trafficking of human beings and drug trafficking. 

Tabletop Exercise at Europol on Terrorist Content Dissemination Online

On 11 September, the EU Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU) organised a tabletop exercise with EU Member States’ law enforcement authorities, third countries and online service providers (OSPs) at Europol’s headquarters, in The Hague, under the umbrella of the European Commission-led EU Internet Forum. 

Operational Centre at Europol: 30 countries team up to combat crime in the Western...

The Joint Action Day (JAD) Western Balkans 2019 is an international operation, involving 6 758 law enforcement officers: 6 708 officers on the ground and 50 officers in the Operational Centre at Europol’s headquarters.

Europe’s second-largest counterfeit currency network on the dark web taken down in Portugal

The Portuguese Judicial Police (Polícia Judiciária) dismantled Europe’s second-largest counterfeit currency network on the dark web with Europol’s support. Five individuals have been arrested and are accused of counterfeiting and organised crime. Counterfeit banknotes were seized across Europe, notably in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal, worth over € 1.3 million.

Europol’s Executive Director carries out first official visit to Switzerland

Catherine De Bolle, Europol’s Executive Director, arrived in Bern on 29 August for her first official visit to Switzerland. In the Swiss capital, Ms De Bolle met Nicoletta della Valle, Director of the Swiss Federal Police (fedpol), Michael Matthiessen, Ambassador of the European Union to Switzerland and to the Principality of Liechtenstein and Jules Hoch, Police Chief of the Liechtenstein National Police Force.

Centenary of the Polish State Police: Europol presents exhibition with items from the past...

On 27 August, Catherine De Bolle, Executive Director of Europol and Paulina Filipowiak, Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau of the Polish State Police opened an exhibition to mark the centenary of the Polish State Police. Europol has enjoyed long and close cooperation with Poland. Ms De Bolle was pleased to speak at the opening of the exhibition, which features items from the past 100 years of Polish policing. 

70 arrests in pan-European action against child trafficking

Europol supported a pan-European operation against trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation, forced begging and labour exploitation. The operation, led by the United Kingdom, involved law enforcement authorities from 15 EU member states, Iceland and Switzerland*.

13 arrested in Lithuania in €1 million car parts theft ring

An organised crime network originating from Lithuania and specialised in the theft of car parts has been dismantled this week by the German Police of Heilbronn, together with the support of Europol, the Belgian Federal Judicial Police of Halle-Vilvoorde and Lithuanian Police in Panevėžys. The dismantlement of the group has been carried out through six phases, the last one carried out on 30 July in Panevėžys, Lithuania. In the course of this operation €400 000 of stolen items have been recovered and 13 members of the organised crime group arrested. 

Suspect arrested in Greece for large-scale document forgery

With the support of Europol, a 50-year old individual was arrested in Greece for large-scale forgery of documents and facilitating illegal immigration.  During the action day on 11 July, the Greek law enforcement authorities raided the printshop in Ilioupoli and seized over 3 200 pages of altered or falsified passports, 198 passports, 172 ID cards, 90 driving licences and a number of residence permits, alongside all the equipment necessary for the document forgery (paper laminating and cutting devices, ink, etc.)

No More Ransom: 108 million reasons to celebrate its third anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of the No More Ransom, initiative that has helped more than 200 000 victims of ransomware recover their files free of charge since it was first launched in July 2016. With visitors from 188 countries, the project has become a one-stop shop for the victims of ransomware, registering already over 3 million individual visits in its short life span.