Mo Farah insists his name is not tarnished by links to Alberto Salazar

Mo Farah insists his name is not tarnished by links to Alberto Salazar (Picture: Getty)

Sir Mo Farah accused the media of having a racist agenda against him after being questioned about his links to disgraced coach Alberto Salazar.

Salazar, who helped Farah into becoming the most-decorated athlete in British history, was banned from Athletics for four years earlier this month after a lengthy investigation into doping allegations.

Farah worked alongside Salazar for six years at the Nike Oregon Project but has never failed a drugs test, nor is there any case of wrongdoing on the 36-year-old’s part.

However, the suggestion alone was enough to irk Farah ahead of Sunday’s Chicago marathon and the Brit turned on the media as he spoke about Salazar’s sanction for the first time.

Farah worked alongside Salazar for six years

Farah worked alongside Salazar for six years (Picture: Getty)

‘I am reading this story all the time, as much as I am nice to you [the media], there is a clear agenda to this,’ said Farah in Chicago.

‘I have seen this many times. I have seen it with Raheem Sterling, with Lewis Hamilton. I cannot win whatever I do.

‘It is very disappointing to see you guys going at it again and again.

‘The headline is ‘Farah, Farah, Farah’. There is no allegation against me. I’ve not done anything wrong. Let’s be clear: these allegations are about Alberto Salazar and the Oregon Project.’

The four-time Olympic champion has faced constant scrutiny since an investigation was launched into Salazar following a 2015 Panorama documentary.

But Farah insists the recent ruling has nothing to do with him and he says he’s the ‘most tested athlete’ in the world.

‘This is not about Mo Farah, this is about Alberto Salazar. I am not Alberto.

‘I was never given anything. I am not on testosterone or whatever it is. At the time I never saw any wrongdoing when I was there. This allegation is about Salazar, not Mo Farah.”

‘I have not done anything wrong. I have not failed any tests and I am happy to be tested anytime anywhere.

‘I feel let down by you guys to be honest, there is no allegation against me.

‘It’s taken four years for Usada to get to this position it has right now. The first time I am hearing it is when you guys are reporting it.’

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