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Teenager suffers allergic reaction after McDonald’s put tomato on wrap

Now she's warning people do double check their food for allergens before taking a bite.

McHypocrites order McDonald’s on their mission to save the planet

One Extinction Rebellion protester said 'it's not ideal' and she did feel 'guilty about it'.

McDonald’s in Canada launches new PLT plant-based burger – but it’s...

But it's not technically vegan or even vegetarian.

Vegan activist ‘smashed up McDonald’s in anti-meat protest’

Activists stormed into the Brighton fast food chain on May 17, holding signs and chanting through a megaphone.

McDonald’s to use artificial intelligence to create robot drive-thrus

What's worse than a McJob? Ending up on the dole queue because you've been replaced by a machine.

Sam Smith reveals dedication to McDonald’s with secret Whatsapp group

He also thinks McDonalds 'should have a Michelin star'.