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Friends go on 250-mile trip to buy McDonald’s

‘It was definitely a “F*** it” moment which actually ended up costing me a lot of money.'

Can you walk or ride a bike through a McDonald’s drive-thru?

McDonald’s announced it would be reopening all of its branches for drive-thru and a limited number for delivery by June 4.

McMillions: Uncle Jerry’s extraordinary excuse for not watching crushing $24million McDonalds...

Jerome Jacobson - aka Uncle Jerry - is yet to watch McMillions.

What is on the McDonald’s limited menu as announces plans to...

More importantly - can you still get a Happy Meal?

McDonald’s reveals when they’re reopening all UK drive-thrus

The chain has announced it will reopen all of its drive-thrus and many more restaurants for delivery.

McDonald’s reveals plan to open more branches after ‘ignoring’ north

The fast food giant has only reopened a small number of branches in the south east of England - but its CEO says it has 'not forgotten' about the rest of the country.

McDonald’s app lets people pre-order to speed up drive-through queues

McDonald's says queues are building up because customers are taking a longer time deciding what they want on the new limited menu

McDonald’s opens 30 more restaurants today for drive-thru only

The fast food giant has said all of its drive-thru branches should be back in business by June.

Which McDonald’s drive-thrus are reopening today?

A further 30 branches are back in business today

Huge queues for McDonald’s on first day since some branches reopened

It's fair to say fans were a little overexcited.