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‘I might not be here without them’: Photos help fight the...

'You can only get up and go outside and do yoga if you’re able to cope with getting out of bed.'

Free hospital parking for NHS staff set to be scrapped once...

Last week, health minister Edward Argar said the support to make free parking available ‘cannot continue indefinitely’.

Puppies found covered in oil after being illegally smuggled into UK

Demand for puppies has increased during lockdown, causing a spike in illegal imports.

Tourists on staycations in Cornwall told to ‘turn around and f**k...

In Devon, one man dressed up as the Grim Reaper and greeted outsiders with a ‘Welcome Holidaymakers’ sign.

Cat steals focus from Dean of Canterbury by dipping paws in...

Tiger is one of four cats at the Deanery - and the second to interrupt a virtual service.

Teenager fell seriously ill with mystery bug after swimming at ‘polluted’...

Billy, 14, had to spend 24 hours in hospital on a drip after developing strange blisters on his face.

Another 155 die from coronavirus bringing UK death toll to 44,391

The Department of Health releases new figures daily.

Shielding pet owners warned that flea bites could be fatal

Many are unaware of the dangers.

How long will Leicester be in lockdown?

The city has seen a surge in coronavirus cases over recent weeks.

Predator ran outside dressed as woman to assault girl jogging past...

Mark Brown disguised himself as a woman after seeing his victim jog past his home - rushing out to make his attack.