Ken Livingstone holds up train getting foot stuck in door

Ken Livingstone got into a heated argument with the Tube worker (Picture: @2wenty4s/Twitter)

Ken Livingstone has held up an entire Tube train after getting his foot trapped in the door.

The former London Mayor is heard yelling at a Tube worker, ‘You’re trying to push me over… let me get off.’

But the frustrated worker responds: ‘You’re Ken Livingstone, you should know better than this, what are you doing?’

Another commuter on the platform accused Mr Livingstone of ‘purposefully’ sticking a leg out as the ‘door was blatantly closing’.

Any Londoner will know this is a major breach of Tube etiquette, which can delay trains and is frankly quite dangerous.

Ken Livingstone holds up train getting foot stuck in door

Ken Livingstone’s foot was properly stuck in the door (Picture: @2wenty4s/Twitter)

The commuter said they were now ‘late for work’ because of the stuck foot.

‘Ken Livingstone decided to hold up our train because he purposely stuck his foot in when the door was blatantly closing,’ they tweeted.

‘Now I’m going to be late for work.’ has contacted Transport for London for comment.

Mr Livingstone resigned from the Labour Party in May 2018 after getting embroiled in a row over anti-Semitism.

The veteran left-wing politician repeatedly made comments about Hitler, claiming the Nazi leader supported Zionism ‘before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.’

At one point, he seemed so compelled to talk about Hitler a website was set up informing people how long it had been since he mentioned the Nazis.

It wasn’t usually that long.

At the time, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Mr Livingstone’s resignation from the party was ‘sad’ but ‘the right thing to do’.

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